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"Nightwalker. n. A literal translation of Rakshasa, a nocturnal type of demon that feeds on fear and desire. It has an unlimited possibility of supernatural powers (most common is shape-shifters, illusionists and magicians); however, the powers can only be activated when it is asleep at night. The powers are normally used to ensure human are sleeping soundly. Although its ancestors feed on human flesh, it is often known for curing sleeping disorders and devouring human's nightmares." Estelle Luminosa is a talented and ambitious music student from France, and she certainly does not wish to have certain strange sleeping habits. However, the habit that she thought was utterly troublesome proves to be something much, much more powerful; and her life starts to change when a woman in violet appears in her dream. Read from left to right. Weekly updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


March 19th, 2011, 5:11 am



Hey all~

After a week of constant updating, I feel like I should slow down my work. XD A bored week of break can only do so much... Pages should take a while to released to ensure quality, especially when being done in school year. =v=
So, weekly updates from Nightwalkers will be up on Saturdays! o v o/ I will try to pump out a page today, but it depends. I'm flying tomorrow, after all.

End transmission. >U<
Mono out!


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